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Our details

Limited liability company

Regional center for children's and family tourism "EDEM"

Legal address: 214005, Smolensk, 4th lane Severny, 34.

Organization details:

Start date: September 26, 2012

PSRN 1126732012076 dated September 26, 2012 series 67 No. 001820584

TIN 6732043518, KPP 673201001

Bank details:

Raiffeisenbank JSC, Moscow, with legal address 129090, Moscow, Troitskaya St., 17, building 1, (BIC 044525700, OKPO code 42943661, OKVED code 65.12, TIN 7744000302, KPP 770201001, OGRN 1027739326449, SWIFT: RZBMRUMM; cf. 30101810200000000700

Settlement account: 40702810300000074829

Data of the unified register of tour operators

Registry number: PTO 020851

Total size of financial security: 500,000.

Method of financial security: insurance contract tour operator liability.

Document No. 16707030 / 6732043518-301118 dated 11/30/2018

Validity of financial security: from 03/02/2019 to 02/02/2020

Name of the organization that provided the financial collateral: PJSC IC Rosgosstrakh

Address (location) of the organization that provided financial support: Moscow region, g, Lyubertsy st. Park 3

Postal address of the organization that provided the financial security: Moscow region, g, Lyubertsy st. Park 3

Field of tour operator activity: domestic tourism, international inbound tourism.

Date and number of the order of the Federal Tourism Agency on entering information into a single federal register of tour operators: 03/04/2019, No. 68-PR-19

Certificate: No. 65892